To be the premier youth leadership training institute fulfilling the demand for better leaders to lead a better world.


To equip and empower youth and young adults to live in purpose, lead in excellence and fulfill their greatest potential.


Women Fulfilling Purpose Leadership Academy is a unique leadership training program intentionally designed to encompass a holistic approach to developing a leader. We focus on the discovery and development of an individual’s innate purpose and leadership abilities, thereby developing the authentic person, and the position. The philosophy at WFPLA is, when purpose is fulfilled, leadership is inevitable.

Our curriculum builds from the foundation of personal purpose, integrates proven leadership laws and principles, and concludes with practical application to create highly effective purpose – driven leaders.


Learning and the study of leadership are a lifelong commitment and priority for our continued growth.
Excellence is the standard for everything we do.
Accountability is our responsible obligation to ourselves and those we serve.
Discipline is the means we take each day to create action and focus on improvement and success.
Empowerment is the key to unity, creativity and success within our teams.
Relational service is how we create and maintain a strong connection with others.
Servanthood is the foundation of why and how we lead.
Humility is the source of our acceptance and appreciation for others, their talents and contribution.
Integrity is our greatest strength for establishing trust with others.
Purpose is the reason why we live and lead with passion.